Friday 5 August 2011

Fun vs Injury

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Just been thinking about injury and fun recently since whilst training for my 1st ever marathon in September have picked up some pains! Just wanted to post some (hopefully) wise words regarding training, having fun and getting injured.

These are my own personal reflections on the past few weeks and may not apply directly to everyone out there. Remember; your body is unique to you, so only you can truly learn and know what best suits you.

Iliotibeal band syndrome (IT band syndrome) is a common runners injury. Its a band of fibrous tissue that runs from the outer hip down the outside of the leg and inserts under the knee joint. Increasing mileage too quickly, over training, faulty biomechanics, footwear, leg length differences and bad running form/technique can all contribute to IT band syndrome.

I ran too far too quickly, got pains, didn't rest enough and before you know, there I am hardly able to walk after half marathon distance!

So what have I learnt from this experience?

Well, firstly, a great sports massage from a qualified practitioner can be a God send. A good friend of mine who works at the Spine and Wellness center in Stevenage, UK, saved the day! An hour and a half later, a couple of massive bruises and buckets of pain and sweat and my legs were feeling functional again.

Secondly, its all about fun. I run for pleasure. It re-connects me with my primal instincts. Humans have been great biomechanical endurance machines for millions of years. We are literally built to run. I run because I escape everything I want to escape. Pushing myself too far too soon not only reduces the fun factor, it results in injury. Then I can't run at all. Not so fun.

So although I am training for a marathon, the fun factor, and my health of course, remain greater priorities than success at a race day.

Never lose sight of your priorities. Never let the thought of glory and great achievement ruin the fun and harm your health. Running is for life, not just a race.


P.S. please comment if you have any questions or suggestions!

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