Thursday 19 January 2012

Sneak preview of the NB Minimus MT00 Zero drop trail shoe

OK, so I have been out for my first run in the new Minimus zero drop trail shoes. Not yet tried and tested enough to do a full review (coming soon) but I thought some of you may appreciate a photo and a comment or two.....

So what did I think when I tried these shoes for the first time?
Well, the main thing to report is that I have never worn something on my feet that feels so 'not there'. It is lighter than the average VFF and you feel like you are running barefoot. No weight, no support, no tightness or discomfort at all. I was really impressed.

Full review to come as soon as I have had long enough to review the shoe in different conditions, trails, temperatures, and varying mileages.

Watch this space

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