Thursday 29 March 2012

Running to help others

Ready to run for charity
Running is fantastic. Whether it represents time spent with close friends or family, running in a huge pack of people in a race or fun-run, or whether it boils down to some quality time spent on your own out in nature; running is magical.

Recently I have run on my own many many times and many many miles. I love to get away from it all. I long to run free, surrounded by just nature. No people, no stress, just keep focusing on putting one foot in front of the other. It is my escape, a time used to clear my head, relieve stress and blow out the cobwebs that build up inside after hours spent phoning, emailing and meeting with people. Work is not relevant, nor are the petty arguments you have had when over-tired, nor is money or future plans. For an hour or two it's just you and the trail. Peace at last.

Well done everyone (and those who had to leave
and are not in this photo)
As part of my job I run a Health, Well Being and Fitness Company called Trinity Fitness Ltd based in Cambridge, England. As part of my work I feel it is very important to support causes that look after the needy, both local and worldwide. So I signed up to the locally held Sport Relief 3 Mile run, and encouraged some of my clients from Bootcamps and personal training to attend. It was such a great morning. There was a real sense of community; something lacking from today's society!   It was great to run with friends. It was also fantastic to see people that I have trained, running the 3 miles with ease. I am really proud of everyone who came. Well done!

A massive thanks to everyone who came, and I hope that the money raised will benefit those who really need the help of others. Running can change your life. Literally. It improves your overall health and well being, increases fitness, boosts mood and energy levels and gets you out and about in nature, fresh air and often with good friends. But never forget, running can change the life of others too. We can all use our God-given gift to run to raise money and awareness for those in great need of our help across the world.

You can then run, knowing that you are putting a smile on someone else's face as well as your own!

Happy running everyone

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