Friday 27 July 2012

Preview of the Spyridon LS vs Spyridon

So, I have taken them out for a spin and can give you a short, first impressions opinion of the VFF Spyridon LS in comparison to the Spyridon (with velcro hook and loop closure).
After my first run in the Spyridon LS

I love the styling. As a trail runner I think that these shoes in the colour scheme shown in the picture is the most appealing model that Vibram have released to date (and it will take some beating). The mountain-bike-like tread screams at me to take these bad-boys out for a muddy run. As for the upper; I love the balance between sensible trail running colours such as brown and black with the injection of vibrant white skeleton-like strips coming from each toe and meeting to the side of the foot. Simply damn cool and sexy!

As for the durability, I have not yet worn them any where near enough to say if it is better than other VFF models, but I will say it feels thicker and tougher than the velcro Spyridons do. The black suede-type bands and turtle-shell-like heel cover adds what I feel will prove to be necessary protection for rocky trails. The Kevlar insert between tread and foot bed certainly reduced stone bruising and unwelcome sudden pains when treading on a protruding root or rock.
Euro velcro hook and loop closure Spyridons

Surprisingly though, I felt that the Spyridon was a looser fit than the LS version even though the lacing system in meant to accommodate for a wider and higher foot??? Strange, as both shoes are the same size (Euro 43). There was some rubbing on the first run although many new shoes can cause this before being worn-in. Again, time will tell.

So far I love both of these shoes, and I really look forward to heading out on the trails whenever possible. I will keep you all updated as time goes by.

Sorry I cannot post a full review at the moment as I have done with other shoes in the past, but I have just got married and been on honeymoon, been on 3 mates and my own stag do's, have a wedding this weekend and another in 3 weeks time (both of which I have had the privilege of being asked to be an Usher!!!). Busy busy times for me at the moment.

Happy running, and any questions or comments are more than welcome

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  1. Do you have any further updates?

    I own a pair of the treksport and I will say it does not seem to be enough protection from rocks for trail running. I do like the hook and strap closure that they offer. The spyridon with the hook and strap seems like an appealing option since it has both protection and the velcro strap.