Wednesday 31 October 2012

Inov-8 Trailroc 150 coming February 2013...

Some of you who have been commenting on the Trailroc 235's have also been asking whether Inov-8 are going to be bringing out an even more minimal version of the 235's? Still with the zero drop and fantastic grip that the current 235's have, the Trailroc 150's are set to arrive around February 2013. Please see the video below from runningshoesvideo to find out more about the 150's.

Also, from BarefootincNZ we get another sneak preview of the 150's!!!

Is anyone who is wishing to trial the Trailroc series waiting for the 150's??? Tell me what you think about the 235, 245, 255 and if you are looking forward to the 150's or not?!

Happy running


  1. Hi Caveman
    I recently had run in boththe 235 and the 245. They felt really snug although the toebox was plenty big enough. I am interested in zero drop shoes with a minimalist feel but with a little cushioning. My Vivo Evos are perfect but the Breezy Lites are too thin even though I run in barefoot alot of the time. So....yes I am looking forward to seeing what the 150 will be like.

    1. Definitely me too Chris!!! Can't wait...

      Wouldn't it be lovely for Inov-8 to send us a pre release pair each to try out and review on our sites and blogs ;-)

  2. I have been running with Inov8 BareX Lite 150 and my legs are still not ready for cero mm. I also wanted a rockplate or some solid protection, something more than my beloved MT10s.

    These 2 factors not "readiness" for 0mm and rock protection, made me choose the 245 over the 235... but and there is a big but I found with Inov8 anathomical last.

    In comparison to the NB Minimus Last they are narrow, and in direct comparison with my MT10s I feel unstable and my feet feel more battered in the trailrocs...

    So, no, unless Inov8 (I love their philosophy and looks) makes a bit wider anathomical last, I am not looking forward to buy, try and review their shoes... (unless of course they send them for free ;-) ) (