Monday 11 November 2013

Salomon Sense Hydro S-Lab Set review

After months of regularly use I have finally sat down to put together a thorough review of the Salomon Sense Hydro S-Lab Set, and what a fantastic innovation they really are.

If the video above does not show:

The 237ml soft-flask
The 148ml soft flask
The absorbent back of the hand 
I have used the Salomon Sense Hydro S-Lab gloves for short and hot summer runs through to a 27 mile ultramarathon. They perform really well and are a fantastic innovation within trail running apparel and equipment. The main selling points of these hydration gloves for me was the simplicity of the design and ease of usage, the lightweight design and the ability to carry water without the usual slosh-slosh-slosh aggravation with every step you take that you normally get with the use of conventional sports bottles.

Happy Running

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