Sunday 2 February 2014

Run Coaching Cambridge, UK

CavemanClarke run coaching, Cambridge

Learn to run correctly with CavemanClarke via Trinity Fitness Run Coaching, Cambridge

Up to 85% of people who regularly run get injured every year, often due to incorrect running form and technique. In most sports, people receive coaching, and running should be no different

Run Coaching Cambridge:
Trinity Fitness' School of Running (run by CavemanClarke) is the best place to receive top quality run coaching in the Cambridgeshire area. Having had years of experience and a serious passion for running, if improving your technique and form is your goal then this is the service for you.  

Correct running technique is a skill that you have to learn over time through a mixture of guidance and practise. You cannot expect to just lace up your shoes, head out the door and run perfectly. Most runners you see on the street or on the trails are not running with correct or efficient running form. This then leads to greater risk of injury and therefore loss of fitness and running ability. Training with Trinity Fitness will help you to develop a natural and efficient running style to minimise injury risk and maximise running ability. Get the technique right and then think about putting in the miles.

Trinity Fitness offers individual and group run coaching sessions to analyse, demonstrate and correct your running form to help you become a more efficient, strong and confident runner whilst reducing your risk of injury. Through correction of your running technique Trinity Fitness can help you learn to love your runs, whether short, fast sprints or long distance marathons and ultra’s. Sessions can also include learning correct natural running through the use of barefoot and minimalist running techniques. 

Barefoot Running Cambridge:
The rise in popularity of barefoot running and minimalist, or bareform running (running in minimalist shoes) has sparked a huge debate and revolution in the running world. I believe that a more natural running technique, adopted by barefoot and bareform runners, will benefit all of us in becoming a more efficient and stronger runner. 

Minimalist shoes that let your feet work naturally are very popular now. I have been running barefoot and in very minimal shoes such as Vibram FiveFingers for over 4 years, and now teach runners from all sorts of backgrounds and abilities to swap to a more natural way of running.

Book a session:
If you would like to learn more and try it for yourself, I offer run coaching, including bareform and barefoot running sessions for beginners through to advanced runners. But you don’t have to completely take your shoes off…..

If running is feeling difficult, tiring and leaves you with niggles and injuries, now is the time to book a natural running session with Trinity Fitness to teach and help you to become an effortless, fluid and stronger runner for all your training and racing requirements.

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Happy Running everyone

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