Thursday 10 April 2014

An update on the Salomon S-Lab Sense 3 Ultra SG's

Just before I disappear into the Scottish Highlands in a couple of days to walk the West Highland Way long distance footpath, I thought it was a good opportunity to give you all an update on how I have been getting on with the newly released Salomon S-Lab Sense 3 Ultra SG's; the soft ground version of the new Sense 3 Ultra's. 

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The Salomon Sense 3 Ultra SG's are a very comfortable and grippy trail shoe
Now I will be honest! In true unpredictable English weather fashion, the sea-proportion of rain we had experienced over the last few months that left half the country wading to work suddenly stopped. Since then, I have only experienced a few odd days when the heavens opened enough to soften up the local trails enough to truly test the capabilities of the Sense 3 Ultra SG's! But, in true CavemanClarke dedication, I have put on, run in and scrutinised every detail of the Sense 3 SG's as best as the weather has allowed, and here is what I have found so far.....

This is what really impresses me most about the Sense 3 Ultra SG's. These are by far the most comfortable pair of Salomon shoes I have ever tried to date. This is largely due to 5 main factors. 

1) The shape; the width of the forefoot is far wider than previous models I have tried. When put sole to sole with my Fellcross 2's (both the same size) the Sense 3 SG's overlap the edge of the Fellcross by quite a few millimetres, leaving much more room for the forefoot and toes to naturally spread. This is a very welcome experience for someone like me, who not only has a wide foot, but prefers a natural feel over a traditionally narrow race last.
2) The weight is very minimal leaving your legs and feet feeling fast and light.
3) The low differential of 4mm and minimal cushioning brings the foot closer to the ground and increases proprioception whilst encouraging a natural running gait.

4) The EndoFit sock-liner wraps the foot comfortably and securely and works well in conjunction with the SensiFit lacing system, to leave you feeling like the shoe is simply a gripping and protective extension of your own foot.

5) The upper materials allow a well ventilated environment for the foot to breath and remain at a comfortable temperature. Yes this does allow easy entry for water, but I have always preferred a shoe that allows air-flow and easy drainage of any water that enters the shoe due to water crossings and deep puddles.


I would happily say that these grip as well as the Fellcross 2's, even though they feel different. The Fellcross grip tends to 'bite' into the terrain in quite an aggressive fashion, leaving quite a messy 'churned' footprint, whereas the Sense 3 SG's leave you feeling sure-footed without the need to shred everything in your path. The lugs are larger but fewer on the Sense 3 SG's and I think they give a better ride over a wider range of terrain such as harder packed trails as well as wet, muddy trails.

Muddy, wet conditions are no problem for the new Sense 3 Ultra SG's by Salomon
Much more testing and trialling is needed before concluding that these are my favourite pair of Salomon's so far, but it is starting to look that way! But first, I need some more rain and miles to see how these shoes hold up over time in terms of durability and versatility. 

One thing I can say with confidence; if you want a grippy trail shoe for training and racing in wet, soft and muddy conditions, but you also require a natural last and comfortable roomy forefoot rather than the usual narrow race last and feel, then this is certainly an excellent choice for you!

Any comments or questions, feel free to post below
Happy running

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