Monday 24 August 2015

CavemanClarke in Trail Running mag, UK

Apparently, running makes men more attractive?! Well this was news to me. I knew it made the ladies rather appealing, but I always thought muscle-bound rugby players and men who spent more time honing the 'perfect' physique in dark-dingy gyms whilst spending countless hours staring at their own reflection and posting endless 'selfies' of their half-naked torso's on social media got the girls. Well it seems not! 

CavemanClarke trail running 

According to an article in this months Trail Running magazine, UK, distance runners have historically been selected as better mates over their lesser-mileage counterparts. Something to do with high testosterone, high sperm count and a healthy sex-drive and distance runners were selected as ideal mates to hunt and breed. On top of this, generosity and intelligence were also mentioned as qualities of distance runners.

Although I certainly don't want to dismiss this statement, I have yet to find myself fighting off the hoards of female fellow runners chasing me down the trails and often find myself chasing much faster female runners at events and races. Still, when I am struggling away on a cold rainy day, it certainly gives me something to hope for and giggle about. 

Oh, and if this is so true, why does my wife give me the look of disapproval every time I tell her I'm heading out for a long training session?!?!

I think I will stick to running whatever the outcome of attractiveness, but it's a comforting bonus!

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