Thursday 29 May 2014

Trinity Fitness does the Wimpole HooHaah 10k

Trinity Fitness runners Hannah and Anais complete their first 10k race
It gives me great pleasure to help people achieve things that they doubted they could do, or once thought they would never even have imagined trying. Last week, I took some of my Trinity Fitness run coaching and Fitness Club members to run the Wimpole HooHaah 10k race in Cambridgeshire, UK. The group was a mixture of first-time 10k runners, people returning to running their first race in years as well as regular runners. 

After much practice and some last minute run coaching to help people get the best out their race experience, the day was upon us. Nerves collided with excitement, the thrill of the event coupled with anticipation of what the course would throw at us and how our times and goals would pan out. It was a scorching hot day with no sign of even a light breeze to bring some relief from the intense heat. Gladly, some of the run was to take us through tree-lined paths and small woodland, but there was still a fair few kilometers through open grassland and fields in full force of the unrelenting sunshine! Still, we were there, each of us with our own hopes and goals, and ready to face whatever the course could put in front of us.

The route started with a lung-busting uphill section that slowed the best of us right down. After a short recovery period and a long, sweeping section through fields and around the edge of the trees it was into the woodland and along a beautiful tree lined path that wound gradually up and down hills and into the grounds of Wimpole Hall Estate. A few kilometers through the grounds and the finish line was in sight. Spectators lined the finishing stretch and gave the runners energy to sprint the last 100m! At around 10.2km it certainly wasn't a PB course, but it was a run steeped in traditional British countryside views and history.  

I love to run the trails, and it has been an absolute honour to share my passion with others and see them experience the pleasure and freedom that trail running brings. An achievement by all who ran, a fun day in the sunshine taking in the English countryside views and an insight into the social side that running can bring to your life, I feel wholeheartedly that the event was a complete success for those running with Trinity Fitness. Well done to all of you who ran and I really hope it has inspired you to keep on running.

One runner who had never before run a 10k and was doubtful to whether they would be able to complete the course, said after finishing, "It was really hard work, especially in the heat and up the hills, but I did it, got my first running medal and really enjoyed the pint of beer and pub meal afterwards! I'm thinking of running another race soon and I really did enjoy the social aspect of sharing the feeling of achievement with all the other people who ran too."   

Ready for the pub after a tough and hot 10k race
Happy running everyone

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