Thursday 17 November 2011

Barefoot Running

We are always looking for ways to avoid injury, to improve our performance, to grow in wisdom and understanding and discover a path to success. This is the same for everyone who exercises, whatever your area of expertise or interest. But for runners and sports men and women, who run as a fundamental aspect of their training, is barefoot running the secret we have long been looking for as an answer to our prayers? Does barefoot running reduce injury rate? Does it strengthen the body in ways shod runners cannot? Does it increase the enjoyment of running or the euphoric 'runners high' we long to regularly experience? And are shoes really bad for our feet, our body and therefore ultimately, our health?

Well, lets start with the basics of what science has already proven, and the simple answer is: Nothing! More evidence is needed to conclude whether barefoot and minimalist shod running will definitely 1) reduce injury and 2) improve performance. There is very limited coverage of the subject in terms of solid scientific researching to this date. Does this therefore mean we should close the book, put it to the back of our minds, forget it for a while until gold standard evidence tells us the final verdict? Well, the simple answer to that question is NO.

Monday 7 November 2011

Beat the Winter Blues with Exercise!

Winter approaches, fast! Memories of summer feel distant and seem lost in the ever colder weather, leaves swept by the wind and the closing darkness that shortens our sunlight hours. It's easy to feel down, lost, uninspired and, well to sum it all up...Motivation Zero!!!

There is hope to see us through the looming darkness, and the good news is; we all have the ability to harness this power and happiness. You have heard it before I'm sure, but this isn't going to scare me off from telling you again and in the process, add a few more particulars to the mix.....Exercise can help beat the Winter Blues!!!