Saturday 17 November 2012

Back to Boots for a day or two

In the past week I have visited a friends farm to help with general farming activities. Not being a fan of welly boots at all due to the painful Achilles heel I get when wearing them, the only other 'suitable' farm footwear was my trusty walking boots. They are a good pair of Meindl leather boots. Pretty expensive when I bought them years ago. Now don't get me wrong, the durability of these boots has been great. I have put them through a whole host of harsh environments in the past, but recently in the past 3 years have sidelined them due to my enthusiasm and dedication to barefoot and bareform movement. But needs-must, and so on they went to tackle the ploughed fields and farm machinery.

Friday 9 November 2012

Update on the New Balance Minimus MT00

A very light trail shoe, but lacking in grip on wet mud

It's good to know how people get on with a pair of bareform shoes after they have had plenty of time to put them through their paces. After owning a pair of NB Minimus MT00 for a fair few months now I feel I am able to comment well on whether this is a good trail shoe or not. So here it goes:

1) Great for dry compact trails such as found in the US or summer months in the UK

2) Very light and fast, and a very flexible shoe; allows natural toe splay and biomechanics

Wednesday 7 November 2012

Barefoot Running Cambridge, UK

Barefoot Running Cambridge, UK

Great news! CavemanClarke now offers barefoot and bareform running training sessions in the
Cambridgeshire area of the UK.

CavemanClarke now provides a School of Running for people in the local area to learn correct running form and technique. People think that running just comes naturally, and to be able to do it just requires oneself to walk out the door and put one leg in front of the other slightly quicker than walking pace. Sadly, this helps contribute to the many many injuries runners face every year, leading to mobility difficulties, loss of fitness and training and a lot of unhappy and demoralised people.

But just like any other sport or fitness pursuit, instruction in the correct and safe way to exercise is essential in running, whether on or off road. Strengthening muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones takes time and correct form. Posture, speed, stride length and much more are mastered far quicker when an experienced coach is on hand to put things right for you. You wouldn't get far in tennis or golf without proper instruction, and running is no different. Do it wrong and you risk serious injury and set-back.