Friday 27 January 2012

New Balance Minimus Zero MT00 Trail Shoe Review

The New Balance Minimus Zero line has arrived in the UK earlier than expected! Around mid-January the MT00 and MR00 were available to buy online. These shoes have been long-awaited and anticipated. Ever since the MT10 was released last year, barefoot and minimalist runners have nagged NB to release a zero drop version of the shoe. And now, here it is. 
As soon as the release was announced I ordered myself a pair of the MT00's in the black and blue colour scheme, eager to try them out and compare them to the faithful MT10's. Hoping they would prove themselves a worthy addition to my arsenal of minimalist running shoes and an improvement on the already trusted and loved MT10's, I hit the wet and muddy trails of the UK. A fair few runs later, a close inspection and comparison with other minimalist shoes I regularly wear, and I am ready to give my verdict on the NB Minimus Zero MT00 trail shoes. 

Thursday 19 January 2012

Sneak preview of the NB Minimus MT00 Zero drop trail shoe

OK, so I have been out for my first run in the new Minimus zero drop trail shoes. Not yet tried and tested enough to do a full review (coming soon) but I thought some of you may appreciate a photo and a comment or two.....

So what did I think when I tried these shoes for the first time?
Well, the main thing to report is that I have never worn something on my feet that feels so 'not there'. It is lighter than the average VFF and you feel like you are running barefoot. No weight, no support, no tightness or discomfort at all. I was really impressed.

Tuesday 17 January 2012

Coming soon...New Balance Minimus Zero MT00 review

I have just received a pair of the long-awaited NB Minimus MT00's, part of the new Zero range in the NB Minimus line-up. They look awesome, they feel, well...not there!!!They are so light.

Review coming this space!