Saturday 31 December 2011

New Goals for a New Year

Another year has passed and a new year lays ahead. A blank canvas presents itself in front of you for which you have the opportunity to paint your own picture for the future that lies ahead...

Its the perfect time to reflect on what the previous year brought for you. For some it will be a time of celebration, a time to remember the achievements and ambitions that successfully manifested through hard work, determination and motivation over the past 12 months. Time to sit back, relax and smile about the fruits of your work, enjoying the memories and happiness that came with it. For others though, it may be a disappointing time. Sadly, this is probably true for many of us. Lost opportunities, broken New Years Resolutions, goals that remain underachieved and ambitious dreams that never came true. The good news is that, whichever person you may be, whichever of the two scenarios you relate to the most, a new year lies ahead, bringing with it new opportunity, a fresh start, and the chance to make things happen.

Tuesday 13 December 2011

10 Things a Barefoot Runner Needs for Christmas and New Year

All items in the picture are mentioned in this post
Christmas is fast approaching, bringing with it the usual questions from friends and relatives. "What would you like for Christmas this year?" Well CavemanClarke has been answering these questions too, and so I thought I would put together a short post listing the top 10 things a bareform runner needs this Christmas and for the new year to come. I have tried to choose items that are functional, stylish and not to expensive to save you some well-earned pennies. You don't always have to buy expensive to get an item that works well...

1) Hat and gloves: it makes running a lot more comfortable if you stay warm in very cold, windy weather. I use Nike run gloves and skull cap because they are light, cheap and they do the job well.

2) Long sleeve base layer: This piece of clothing is a must. A tight fitting base layer wicks away sweat, keeping you dry and warmer for longer. Again, try the Nike Pro Combat long sleeve base layer. Its much cheaper than other companies and does the job well. Maybe if your planning on scaling a mountain trail, you might want to try the Helly Hensen Stripe Crew Lifa Long Sleeve base layer.