Thursday 1 May 2014

The West Highland Way, Scotland!

The West Highland Way
What a fantastic experience. Carrying all I needed to camp and live for the week, I have just walked the West Highland Way long distance footpath in Scotland, UK. 96 miles of incredible trekking, scenery and nature and I certainly feel refreshed and excited. What a well needed break from the usual 'daily grind' (so to speak) that we all accidentally fall into as we go about our usual daily tasks at home and at work.

Loch Lomond
So why am I telling you all about this on a trail running blog? Well, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it makes for an ideal long distance multi-day or ultra run, as the paths are easily run and very well marked and signposted. I decided not long into the walk that I would be returning to run the trail one day in the near future. With B&B's and hostels along the way, it would easily be possible to run from one end to the other over 3 days with only a small pack of essentials on your back. Secondly, I really wanted to share a few photo's and ideas with you all.....

Conic Hill
Sometimes we all get bogged down with our usual daily tasks and work, and it pays to escape and explore every now and again. It refreshes the mind, excites the senses and gives your mind a real break from everything that, over time, can get us all a bit down at times. Getting into the hills and mountains, walking beside the Lochs and wild camping in the middle of nowhere with no mobile phone reception is about as far as one can escape in the UK, and the therapy certainly works.

Wild camping at Rannoch Moor
With fresh ideas, new exciting challenges planned and a more grounded idea about what is really important in life I am not regretting even a minute of the experience.

Loch Lomond
There is a whole world of nature, adventure and discovery out there.....and the freedom you experience when you explore it is certainly liberating, especially when you only have your own feet for transport and everything you need in a pack on your back. The simplest things in life are always the best! It was one of the best experiences of my life. Try something new and exciting this year!

Stag on Rannoch Moor
Glen Coe
Wild Camping on the West Highland Way
Summit of Ben Nevis
Rannoch Moor
The Summit of Ben Nevis, the UK's highest peak
The beauty of the Scottish Highland Mountains
Happy running and exploring!


  1. What a brilliant thing to do! I can so easily forget what an amazing world we live in and am so grateful for those times of refreshing when I get out into it again! Always good times. Let's get out there and enjoy an adventure!